Our Story

Craig is in his 40’s and doesn’t say “gunna” or use emojis. He works on a big screen and lives in California.

Jeff is in his late 20’s and prefers to work from his cell phone with visuals and text messages and lives in Hawaii.

Craig started a non-profit when he was 22. 

Jeff had a viral Youtube video when he was 22. 

Now both are married and each has two kids. Craig and Jeff have launched a project birthed out of their work together over the last two years. The company is called Aloha and Rain, with our headquarters in Southern California.

A word from Jeff on how things started:

“With the hope of getting off the speaking circuit, we went pretty hard after online income, funnel marketing, and few other things this past two years. I partnered with Craig who’s more experienced and strategic with all things online marketing, and it’s been crushing it since we started.

We started working together to create a simple E-course I could sell called Dig into the Word. This is a 10-part video course that shares my excitement for the Bible with my fans. We put this for sale for $49 and it has done really well. Months after we launched this, Alyssa did an E-course called Power of the Psalms, which took people through the Psalms when going through rough times. We started marketing these to our audiences and then we started running Facebook ads to a broader audience online.

We were then lead to create a simple set of devotional books called 31 Creative Ways, which we officially started selling in June of 2016. The strategy for 31 Creative Ways was to sell the books as a bundle on our online stores. We included 4 short videos with the package and saw huge successfor this project. Actually, we saw better numbers and engagement than we have ever seen before. After selling to our initial fan base, we started spending money on Facebook ads promoting the bundle.

These Facebook ads are targeting people that have similarities with my audience or are more prone to purchase something in this space. We started in July of 2016  spending a few thousand dollars a month on these ads and have scaled that to as high as six figures some months.

In less than two years, we have total sales of all our video courses and self-published titles of almost 2 million dollars."

Building on the success of a whole new strategy, system and distribution method, Jeff and Craig put their heads together to form this new company that is strategically placed to disrupt this market. When you take someone with a engaged fan base like Jeff and combine that with an out of the box entrepenuer like Craig you can really disrupt an industry. We have learned a lot with Jeff's projects and continue to grow each day as we have now launched a series of other projects for other authors and artists.

We have just partnered with Thomas Nelson publishers to release a video series and guidebooks alongside Jeff's major releae with them of Love That Lasts.

We are re-releasing The 7 Experiment with Jen Hatmaker in the coming months. We are launching two video/book bundles for Amber and Wendy. We are launching a coffee table book for Jack Douglass based off his YIAY Youtube series in time for Christmas. We have two video series for The Liturgists coming early 2018.  Lots more to come in 2018!